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The JOLLY family of Jollyville, TX

"JOLLYVILLE, TEXAS.  Jollyville is on Rattan Creek and U.S. Highway 183 eighteen miles north of Austin in southwestern Williamson County.  It was founded in 1866 and named for John Grey Jolly, who set up a blacksmith shop and a store and donated land for a school that enrolled 35 pupils in 1903.  In 1940 the community had forty inhabitants and two businesses.  From 1949 to the `960s Jollyville reported a population of 150. In 1990 its population was 15,206 and the town had expanded into Travis County." 
source: from  The New Handbook of Texas, page 975/976 by Mark Odintz who list Clara Stearns Scarborough's Land of Good Water, a History of Williamson County (pub. 1973) as a source. The New Handbook of Texas in Six Volumes, Volume 3 published 1996 by The Texas State Historical Association
And so we have a basis here for the Jolly family of JOLLYVILLE, Texas.  Who was John G. (GREY?) JOLLY?  What is known about him, and his family?  Keep reading to find out.

I, myself am a fourth Great Grandson of John G. JOLLY and his wife Nancy Isabelle GUILL. 

On this site, as time allows, I will post information on John, his ancestors, and descendants.  If anyone has anything to add, please contact me.  Any new information or corrections will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

Jason Haydon


Basic information on John and Nancy

John G. (possibly Grey*) JOLLY  
b. 31 Jan, 1825 Wilson Co, TN; to Hansel B JOLLY and Martha WRIGHT. 
d. 12 Mar, 1899 Jollyville, Williamson Co, TX bd. Jollyville Cemetery
md. 29 July 1847, Wilson Co, TN
Nancy Isabelle GUILL(sometime mistakenly called Eskew**)
b. 14 Oct 1825 Wilson Co, TN; to Bird GUILL and Rachel ESKEW
d. 03 Jan, 1921 Travis County, Texas bd. Jollyville Cemetery
* The elusive middle name of John G. JOLLY:  All though many people have gone with oral tradition started by a Granddaugter, and listed John's middle name as Gray/Grey, there is absolutely no proof that it is correct.  Every document available only list G., or nothing at all.  Nothing signed by John, or written in a contemporary time period ever gives his middle name, not even his parent's family bible, which simply names himn as John G. Jolly.
** The controversy of Nancy Isabell, and her identity.  Same Granddaughter mentioned above said that Nancy was an Eskew.  Here is why that is wrong:
Guardian Settlements of Willson County, TN p.245
Alexander ESKEW, guardian. 24 Feb, 1839. Guardian of William, Mary, Ann, Josiah, Nancy Isbel GUILL, the minor heirs of Bird GUILL.

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