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As time allows, I will scan and upload the photocopies I have of pages from Julia (JOLLY)MILAM/McDONALD's family bible, which is believed to have originally belonged to John and Nancy (GUILL) JOLLY.

The JOLLY family of Jollyville, TX
John and Nancy's children: did they have any sons?

A Family Controversy: Did John and Nancy have any sons?

According to information recorded by part of the family, John and Nancy only had 6 daughters and no sons.  However, since it is very apparent that a vast majority of the other information passed down orally was mistaken, this might be as well.  Taking into consideration that Julia John (JOLLY) MILAM/McDONALD's bible names three sons for John and Nancy, and the fact that the bible is believed to have originally belonged to John and Nancy, it is highly probable that John and Nancy had the following sons born to them.  All of them either died as infants, or very young.  None of them ever appear on the census.
James P Jolly   b. 5 October 1852
Peter Jolly   b. 12 October 1855
Mark Jolly   b. 18 March 1867
No record of burial has ever been found for any of these boys, but on the same note no record of burial has ever been found for Carrie Isabell Jolly, either.

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