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The JOLLY family of Jollyville, TX
Burials in the Jollyville Cemetery

Jollyville Cemetery

J G Jolly 1825-1899
N I Jolly 1825-1921 wife of J G Jolly
Jennie Thorp 1848-1881
Sadie Hudson 1892-1909
Margaret Venable 1807-1883
Joseph Elmer Venable 1879-1912
Hosea Johns no dates
Mary Johns 1827-1899
Margaret Evergreen Robinson 1861-1872
Emaline Strode 1813-1885
T V Strode 1803-1880
Missouri Strode 1839-1922
Virginia Taylor 1840-1921
Charlie Strode 1845-1929

If anyone has additions or corrections to this information, please email me.