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The JOLLY family of Jollyville, TX
Census Records for John and Nancy's family: 1850-1880

For many years various researchers searched for John G. JOLLY's parents, and further ancestors.  In 1997, I discovered something that had previously gone unnoticed, or had been ignored, on the 1850 census.

Many times people are not recorded at all on the census, however, sometimes, people are recorded twice.  So is the case with John G. JOLLY in 1850.

1850 census, Wilson County, Tennessee page 903(pencil) 453 stamped    24th civil district, taken 10th September, 1850

260/260 John Jolly 23 m w Blacksmith Tennessee
            Nancy """" 24 f w none listed Tennessee
            Martha """" 02 f w none listed Tennessee

1850 census, Rutherford County, Tennessee page 313(pencil) 157 stamped    Sanders District, taken 3rd September, 1850

116/116 Jolly, Hansel B 50 m w Farmer North Carolina
            """"" Martha 42 f w none listed North Carolina
            """"" John G 24 m w Blacksmith Tennessee
            """"" Abram 23 m w Farmer Tennessee
            """"" Rebecca A E 20 f w none listed Tennessee
            """"" Isaac B 18 m w Blacksmith Tennessee
            """"" James H 13 m w none listed Tennessee
            """"" Abijah A 10 f w none listed Tennessee
            """"" Catherine E 08 f w none listed Tennessee
            """"" Ransith L 6 f w none listed Tennessee
            """"" Gideon M 4 m w none listed Tennessee
            """"" Mary F 9mo f w none listed Tennessee

I have searched the descendants of Isham Jolly, for any other John Jolly that could be John G Jolly listed with Hansel and Martha in 1850, there aren't any.  They all had other middle initials or occupations.  The fact that he is named as John G Jolly, was a blacksmith, and was the same age as John G. Jolly who came to Texas makes it to strong for mere coincidence.  

As mentioned earlier, sometimes people do not appear on the census at all for a certain year, as is the case for John G. Jolly, and his wife Martha.  Neither of them have been located in the 1860 census, however, their daughters are in Travis County.

1860 census Travis County, Texas  page 294, city of Austin  list the following:

M   Jolly 11 F W  Tennessee,
R F """"" 09 F W Texas,
T J """""" 07 F W Texas,
E J """""" 03 F W Texas
They are listed in the household of T J Manor, who was a physician. No one has been able to learn why the were living with him.

1870 finds John back in Travis County as follows

1870 census Travis County, Texas p.  221 no TWP Austin PO                  taken 13 August

Jolly, John 48 m w Blacksmith 600 200 Tennessee
""""" Nancy 45 f w none given 000 000 """""""""
"""""" Mary 16 f w none given 000 000 Texas
""" America 12 f w none given 000 000 """""
"" Isabella 08 f w none given 000 000 """""
"""""" Jane 04 f w none given 000 000 """""
""" Julia 4 mo f w none given 000 000 """""

1880 census Travis County, Precinct 4   page 77

John G. JOLLY Self M Male W 55 Blacksmith TN TN SC
Nancy JOLLY Wife M Female W 54 Keeping House TN VA VA
Jane JOLLY Dau S Female W 14 none listed TX TN TN
John JOLLY Son S Male W 10 none listed TX TN TN
(please note that John  Jolly listed as a son is actually Julia John Jolly the youngest daughter of John and Nancy.)

census records have been copied as exactly as possible. Notice a mistake, let me know.

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